Elementary School

Southeastern Elementary
607 N Worrell, PO Box 247
Bowen, Illinois  62316
217-842-5236 (voice)
217-842-5248 (fax)

School Sign

Mission Statement

At Southeastern Elementary School, we are dedicated to providing an educational program that will encourage each child to reach his/her potential.  This will be accomplished by providing for individual and special needs.  Our educational program will focus on a commitment to quality educational experiences with structured learning, professional development, and parental involvement.



Southeastern Elementary School is located in the small town of Bowen, Illinois.  We are surrounded by fields of corn and soybeans.

Our school is unique in that we have students who live in 4 different counties.  All of the towns that are in our school district are small.  Most of the land is used for farming.

We have grades pre-k through six in the elementary school in Bowen.  Seventh through twelfth grades are housed at the junior/senior high in Augusta, IL (about 6 miles away).  

There are 320 students in our school.  Our class sizes are small with no more that 25 students in any classroom.   Each class has PE every day and music twice a week.  We have a beautiful library with lots of books.  Our building has a 24 computer lab and wireless internet access throughout.

We have a great group of teachers who do lots of fun activities.