Remote Learning Plan.

Food Distribution
From the beginning of this journey, our school district's priorities have been crystal clear. And we have been steadfast in basing all decisions on these priorities. This must and will continue. 1 - Health and Safety. 2 - Feed Our Neediest. 3 - Practical and Reasonable Educational Expectations. As you know, due to the fluidity of this national crisis, we have had to make adjustments in order to sustain and keep our priorities as...our priorities. In order to stay true to the above statement, the school district will be partnering with the Southeastern Food Pantry (Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen) to provide our students and families with food. Food will be available at the Living Faith United Methodist Church on Thursdays from 7:00-8:00 PM (April 16). Southeastern students and families should take advantage of this. This will take the place of our Meal Distribution Pickup on Tuesdays. In addition, the resources from our very successful Backpack Snack Program will be given to the Southeastern Food Pantry as well. It takes a village to raise a child, and our local churches have always been a key and absolutely critical component to our amazing village (church, parents, community, and school). And once again, all four have come together to lead our community during a crisis. It is important during this journey, that we continue to evolve, we continue to adjust, we continue to make things better, and that we continue to base every decision on our priorities. This transition accomplishes all four. Remember...Starting Thursday, April 16...7:00-8:00 PM...Living Faith United Methodist Church...Bowen. Be safe. Be smart. And love each other. - D. Todd Fox, Superintendent.

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What Is Needed From Our Students.
1.  Complete both paper packets.
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