Math 1
Math 1 Content
Unit 1:

Lesson 1 Extra Practice- Interpreting Structure in Expressions
Lesson 2 Extra Practice- Creating Equations and Inequalities in One Variable
Lesson 3 Extra Practice- Creating and Graphing Equations in Two Variables
Lesson 4 Extra Practice- Representing Constraints
Lesson 5 Extra Practice- Rearranging Formulas

Unit 2:

Lesson 1 Extra Practice: Graphs as Solution Sets and Function Notation
Lesson 2 Extra Practice: Solving Linear Inequalities in Two Variables and Systems of Inequalities
Lesson 3 Extra Practice: Sequences as Function
Lesson 4 Extra Practice: Interpreting Graphs of Functions
Lesson 5 Extra Practice: Analyzing Linear and Exponential Functions
Lesson 6 Extra Practice: Comparing Functions
Lesson 7 Extra Practice: Building Functions
Lesson 8 Extra Practice: Operating on Functions and Transformations